Private Dive Charter

Spend some time with Captain Alvaro, a professional divemaster and learn the favorite dive spots off of Providenciales. We can manage private groups from 1 to 6 persons.

We supply tanks, weights, buoyancy vests, fins, masks and dive computers for you.

While diving you may see spotted moray eels and larger ocean animals such as reef, lemon and nurse sharks. Providenciales has an abundance of green turtles. During summer months you can see huge manta rays with open mouths scooping up plankton.

Diving through coral canyons into the deep you find feathery lion fish, spiney lobster and spotted drums. Sometimes humpback whales, whale sharks and hammerhead sharks will visit on their way to wherever they are headed.

Private Snorkel Groups

Our island crew knows the best snorkel locations away from all the large crowds. Enjoy a peaceful day above and below the waters of Providenciales and the surrounding islands.

As you are snorkeling on the coral reefs you will see rainbows of colored fish: royal blue tangs, turquoise parrot fish, neon blue striped grunt, schools of yellow tail snapper and red squirrel fish. There landscapes of a variety of corals, some embedded with old rusted anchors and cannons.

You will encounter huge green turtles, spotted eagle rays, schools of Atlantic spadefish, queen angelfish, electric blue flounders and cute doe-eyed porcupine fish. Discover octopus hideouts, sea anemones and super fast reef squid.

There are so many fish and coral in a mix of colors, shapes and designs it will keep you looking for hours.

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